Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Game One, One Hundred Sixty One To Go

As I was watching Aaron Rowand struggle at the plate (5-AB 0-H) the thought did cross my mind...the good thing about baseball is if you are struggling on offense you do have the opportunity to do something defensively. Making a defensive play when you aren't contributing on offense is the only motivation you will have on days when the ball seems like an aspirin tablet. (I say aspirin because you no doubt will need a couple if the ball isn't hit in your direction on an O'Fer night at the plate.)

Aaron Rowand did make a play on a ball hit by former Giant, Pedro Feliz. So tomorrow's another day and we'll see how if he delivers on offense.

It's only one game and the fact that he made the play on Feliz bodes well for the orange and black. You have to tip your cap to those players who are always finding ways to contribute and they don't just go through the motions instead they battle to overcome lapses in their game (i.e. pitchers get the bunt down, fielders know what they're doing with the ball before they get it, etc.).

Well it appears Damon Bruce, the sports talk show host on 1050AM from Noon to 4pm will be using this time slot to air any dirty laundry there may be while being devoid of a conscious.

After getting an update on the Toronto Blue Jay and Texas Ranger game Bruce learned that Shaun Marcum, Blue Jay pitcher was having his way with the Rangers. After 6 innings Marcum had a perfect game going. Said Bruce, 'If the Rangers get perfectoed, How big a mound of blow do you think Ron Washington will be diving into?'

Turns out they (the Rangers) broke through in the 7th and ended up winning the game 5-4. Phew, lucky for Ron Washington. He didn't have to go face first into the nose candy, eh Damon?

Kevin Marquez