Thursday, April 15, 2010

Baseball, You Got to Love It!

I got to see some of the Boston Red Sox versus Minnesota Twins' game in the home opener for the Twins and their brand new stadium.

Mike Cameron of the Boston Red Sox ripped a liner down the left field line that disappeared from sight. The configuration of this new park- which reminds me a lot of AT&T Park, with it's glove and statues of former (Twin) players-has a gap between the left field foul pole and a brick wall. You could only get a football through this space if the football went end-over-end. And even then it would be a tight squeeze.

The umpires had to go to replay and in seeing several replays they got the call right, it was a FOUL BALL!

Isn't that just like baseball, in the first game ever played there a flaw in the construction of this beautiful park was discovered.

(thanks to MLB network for being able to see this amazing play)

Kevin Marquez