Friday, January 16, 2009

Some Guys Are Must Reads

I search the net for interesting perspectives on athletes and try to find as much stuff related to the San Francisco Giants as is humanly possible. I miss some, to be sure, but when I see something, glance at it and gag with laughter I have to share it with other Gigantes fans.

Scott Ostler, of the San Francisco Chronicle and Rick Reilly of ESPN the mag are must reads.
I'm going to post some excerpts by both Ostler and Reilly to prove my point. I hope you find it as enjoyable as I have.

Rick Reilly, Life of Reilly column on the back page of ESPN the mag (just like when he was writing for Sports Illustrated) the 12/1/08 issue.

No matter how he screws up his life-and the young Kerry Collins found more ways than MapQuest-he always faces the music.

There's a reason you can't fool all the people all the time. It's exhausting.

Tired of athletes and their lame Excuses (title of article), remember when former Cub (who was originally a Giant) Jose Cardenal said he didn't play one night because an eyelid was stuck open?

Scott Ostler, in Friday, January 16th's edition of the San Francisco Chronicle
The Giants owe it to Major League Baseball to sign Ramirez under that "best interests of baseball" clause. Manny needs a home, and only one team in baseball is trained and qualified to handle the man.

Ramirez seems to quit on his team? We understand! He's taking a mental break, checking out momentarily to save his finite store of focus.

Ramirez is expensive, but so is sucking. I believe it was Alan Greenspan who said, "Empty seats don't buy garlic fries."

Tim Lincecum changed the whole picture. Had Lincecum not emerged, as Timmy being Timmy, the Giants' brass could make the case that acquiring one big bat, one Manny, would not make enough of a difference to justify the huge price tag.

But Timmy is being Timmy, and suddenly the Giants have a foundation, an opportunity and an obligation. You don't discover Sinatra and then back him up with Those Damn Accordions.

Let Manny be Manny in old San Franny.

(thanks to ESPN the mag and the San Francisco Chronicle for Rick Reilly and Scott Ostler)

Kevin Marquez