Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 and it's Time to Create Interest Amongst the Masses

So the Denver Post is the first place the story was heard that Manny Ramirez and the San Francisco Giants have been talking. Something about a 4-year deal?

In all of the interviews that Brian Sabean has had with Ralph "the Obnoxious One" Barbieri (the Chronicle's annointed "Razor") the one with the voice that's like fingernails on the chalkboard and KNBR's go-to-guy for what seems like forever, a four-year deal for anyone Manny's age just aint happening.

If that were true why wouldn't the Giants re-consider re-signing Barry Bonds with the stipulation that he would also be their hitting coach. A part-time player and full-time hitting coach and if Manny were somehow signed the two might have enough in 'em to deliver the goods to the needy San Francisco Giants organization.

All organizations are nothing without fans.

Fans are the heart and soul of the organization. These are the ones who have supported the orange and black because they look forward to listening to the game on the radio or turning on their televisions when it's time for the game. These are the ones who have to indure insults and laughs from people who could only hope to have the passion to stick-with-it, and they may just the same, just not for the orange and black. Don't Giant fans get a chance to see their team go all the way?

Sure the Giants have come close and things happen, listening to Red Sox fans moan and groan about how close they came and every situation getting exaggerated to the point you had to almost root that their suffering would continue. But when it didn't and they won another title 2 years later it all but made you search for reasons why you remain loyal to your San Francisco Giants.

Now it's the Red Sox nation who are gloating and boasting about their team and loving every sad tale about the San Francisco Giants. It's win-win in beantown and for those Sawks fans everywhere.

Now the lovable losers, the Chicago Cubs, get all the wishes and attention. People in the media over-emphasize the sad tales about how the Cubs are cursed. Former Cubs like Rick Sutcliffe and Ron Santo bemoan the pains and woes and we're all supposed to light a candle or say a prayer. Then there's that rumor about a goat.

Enough already ! Give me and every other fan (of any other team but the Cubs) a break!

How long until the Giants' fans get to see a winner?

Kevin Marquez