Thursday, January 29, 2009

Looks Like Giants Got an Infielder with Some Pop

In a story from Henry Schulman that he got from John Heyman at, the Giants have signed 30-year old shortstop, Juan Uribe to a minor league contract.

Uribe hit 20 homers in 2007 but due to injury lost his place in the Chicago White Sox' lineup to rookie phenom Alexei Ramirez.

Uribe plays second and third base as well as shortstop. As well as Rich Aurilia, I have never gotten that feeling from the Chisox announcers. Are the Giants sacrificing leather for stick? Because it is a minor league contract, it may not be wise to count out Aurilia, the possibility of Richie being invited to Spring Training does exist.


The Giants hired Will Clark to be a special assistance. I anticipate "the Thrill" to make several stops at the TV booth where Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper call the play-by-play. There, you'll probably see the Will Clark smile frequently, since that threesome goes back to Candlestick "Humm Baby," days.

Clark's toothy grin reminds me of Burt Lancaster in Elmer Gantry. That ear to ear grin, like a slit watermelon with the seeds aligned just right, to make it appear like the biggest smile ever seen. You'd need a wide-screen to capture all the teeth, lips and entire face.

The hand-held portable may only get a nostril, depending on where the camera-person thought was the centermost spot.

(thanks to the SF Chronicle's beat-writer Henry Schulman, John Heyman from SI and the Giants)

Kevin Marquez