Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wait Just A Minute

During the off-season of any sport is the time to spread rumors. What's the line from the Fleetwood Mac album, of the same name, Rumours (1977), thunder only happens when it's raining, players only love you when they're playing?

C.C. Sabathia a San Francisco Giant? Where did that dream come from?

Would it really have been that wise to throw out that kind of money for that length of time for an out-of-shape hurler who will have to change his strength and conditioning to even hope to fulfill that contract.

Since 2001, at age 20, C.C. has thrown this number of innings...180 (2001), 210 (2002), 197+(2003), 188 (2004), 196+ (2005), 192+ (2006), 241+ (2007), and 253 last season (2008). He turned 28 last July 21st. But his conditioning leaves me no alternative but to think he will not play for seven more seasons and be serviceable.

The Giants' very own Barry Zito has similar numbers but Zito takes much better care of himself. Here are Barry's numbers since he broke into the majors in 2000, when he threw 92 innings.

  1. 2001- 214+
  2. 2002- 229+
  3. 2003- 231+
  4. 2004- 213
  5. 2005- 228+
  6. 2006- 221
  7. 2007- 196+
  8. 2008- 180.

Barry Zito has proven to be very durable throughout his career. And when it's all said and done Zito still may give the Giants all they wanted when they signed him on December 29, 2006, which is a World Series title. Because he'll be healthy and the team will have been built from the bottom up with quality players who bust tail-without flail. They will catch the ball on defense ('cause you need to make 3 outs each time you take the field) and hit the ball when it's their turn to bat. A lot will depend on their ability to execute so they can utilize their speed. But the front office is assembling a roster worthy of their competition.

But let's face it, their pitchers have to show they can throw strikes, and not when they are ahead no balls and two strikes but often enough to keep the umpires believing they can.

Show a little faith in Brian Sabean and Gang. The airwaves are full of talk shows that air opinions, of little substance, because they are only trying to elicit some excitable fans to call in and blur the focus. Too much time spent wondering about what could be. Even the Razor needs to 'button it up,' (to quote a substitute teacher I had back in elementary school). Just think of all the couch time spent by people who became confused enough to seek the help of a professional commonly referred to as a shrink. Simply because they spend so much time dwelling on how they think things will be before they even happen.

On that note, I go to the Jim Morrison lyrics that will never die...the future is uncertain, the end is always near...I woke up this morning and grabbed myself a beer.

Go Giants. Go Gigantes. Just go farther than ya did last year, okay?

Kevin Marquez