Friday, December 5, 2008

Moves for 2009 elicit a response

The San Francisco Giants have signed 3 veteran players. The top brass thought it better to go elsewhere to get some players that can get them in the 2009 National League West race.

First it was Jeremy Affeldt (born 6/6/79). A left-handed long relief specialist.

Then it was Bob Howry (born 8-4-73). A right-handed middle relief specialist.

SS-Edgar Renteria (born 8/7/75). Two rings (Florida vs Giants) and (Cardinals).

But if you look at their current roster there are a few names of players who have no bio but they do have some fantasy comparisons to keep you interested.

It's December and the Winter meetings take place this coming monday, December 8.

Due to the aformentioned 3 signings, I am intrigued by Sabean and Gang. If they do choose to purchase Christmas gifts, I'm hoping they don't visit Whoville.

Kevin Marquez