Monday, December 8, 2008

Encouraging Article About Giants in NOV26-DEC2, 2008 Sporting News

Jorge L. Ortiz wrote a very positive piece about the San Francisco Giants. The title he used was Young Talent Points the Way.

Ortiz opens the article... By their own admission, the San Francisco Giants took too long to embark on a youth movement...they found it less painful than expected.

He posts good statistics and references, such as... The Giants 72-90 record in 2008 marked their fourth consecutive losing season, the franchises longest such stretch since 1974-77, but they went 28-27 with a youth-laden lineup in the season's final two months.

Includes some quotes by Brian Sabean like: Not only were they entertaining, but most days we had a chance to win, which showed people some progess and hope.

And some thoughtful opinions to round out this article. Giant fans have reason to believe as Mr. Ortiz makes good enough points to think this thing could turn around. Maybe sooner than later.

Sports Weekly has the kind of quality in a publication that reminds me of Playboy magazine. Sure you buy the mag for the photos but the writing is worthy of as much praise as those photos. Wink, wink.

(thanks to Sports Weekly AND Jorge L. Ortiz)

Kevin Marquez