Friday, September 5, 2008

J.T. Snow on the Radio is a Breath of Fresh Air

Young child with dreams
dream, every dream on your own
when children play
seems like you end up alone... (lyrics by Neil Diamond to the song Shilo.)

Baseball takes me to a place I can call my own. Thoughts are undisturbed and they are aplenty.

I wouldn't begin to know how to look this up, but there has to be a long list of players who made a living off of spoiling a team's chances of making the playoffs, the way the team he played for had someone else do to him.

I suppose I could dig up a list of players who hurt the San Francisco Giants but the current year has been painful enough.

Has Phillie closer, Brad Lidge, ever been referred to as Brad Ledge?

Is it me, or does Ryan Howard have the same nose as Babe Ruth? And if it is similar, it's a home run snout!

The 1964 Philadelphia Phillies choke (with rookie of the year Richie Allen)
The 2007 New York Mets choke
The 2008 Chicago Cubs choke?

Tim Lincecum is the favorite for the 2008 Cy Young award, now that Brandon Webb has struggled in his last 3 starts. As the season winds down Webb's needle appears to be stuck on E as his team (the Diamondbacks) is suddenly in desperate need of a good finish. Lincecum can put a real hurting on the D'backs tonight with a strong effort. And the strong effort will go a long way to improving his chances to capture the coveted Cy Young award.

Lincecum's teammate, 20-year old Pablo (pronounced Pah-Blow...unlike Duane Kuiper's Pabb-low, the Pa sounding like Pabst Blue Ribbon and not one of the Kettles..Ma or Pa) Sandoval is having a heckuva run in his first month of major league baseball. He plays third base, first base and catcher and although he needs work at all positions, holds his own at each spot. Sandoval is a 20-year old who has a really good idea of what he is doing when he steps into the batter's box. Listening to J.T. Snow on the radio comment about how impressed he is with Pablo is encouraging because J.T. speaks with the knowledge of someone who knows what needs to be done both at the plate and in the field. J.T.'s a broadcaster who is very concise with the words he chooses. The more I hear J.T., the more I like what he has to say. Very educational without all the facts and figures.

Kevin Marquez