Monday, June 30, 2008

Time To Leave an Impression

The time is NOW to leave an impression- on every visiting team- that playing at AT&T is where the San Francisco Giants call home. Now is the time to make an impactful, if not an indelible orange and black mark, on any team who thinks they can have their way with our San Francisco Giants.

With the Chicago Cubs, smarting from having been swept by their cross-city rival Chicago White Sox, arriving in San Francisco for a four-game series, they may be ripe for the picking (on). As good as the Cubs have been they are reeling right now and the Giants have to take advantage of any potential sign of weakness and exploit it.

Bilk them, milk them, abuse and misuse the reeling Cubbies because you've got to do something to right the ship that has you as the team with the league's worst home record.

Going into tonight's game, the Giants are exactly ten (10) games below .500 percent. AND they are TEN games below .500, (14-W and 24-L) at home. It's time to leave an impression...

Giants Notes: The Giants are a combined 25-9 in games started by Jonathan Sanchez and Tim Lincecum. (All the rumors had the Giants looking to send Sanchez elsewhere. This just goes to show that sometimes the best trade is the one that isn't made.)

Veterans Rich Aurilia (.287), Ray Durham (.290), Randy Winn (.295), Aaron Rowand (.297), and Benji Molina (.307) continue to add stability to a team whose youngsters are contributing more and more as Fred Lewis (.281) and John Bowker (.274) are inserted into the lineup.

Sure, Omar Visquel is struggling to find holes in the field when he bats, but he still fills holes when he's at the shortstop position. His field vision and physical conditioning are so superior that it's not likely his replacement will cover the ground he does or have the innate ability to know where to go with the ball. Omar has such an uncanny knack it appears to the casual observer that he's anticipating but it's the experience of the gifted athlete. A team can only hope the player, who has the uneviable task of replacing Senor Omar, hits for higher average.

(thanks to the Fresno Bee for the Sanchez/Lincecum fact)

Kevin Marquez