Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hello, Goombye...Pretty Much the Way It Is

Before yesterday's outstanding pitching performance, by announcer Mike Krukow's favorite rising star, Jonathan Sanchez, a Gigante was designated for assignment.

Charles Vincent Chulk, born on December 19, 1978 and drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays during the 2000 amateur draft (in the 12th round) is no longer Vinnie Choke. Or Vinnie Boom Bah. Or ... fill-in your own nickname. He's designated for assignment Vinnie.

In his stead is a youngster, from the Connecticut Defenders, (whose won/loss record is currently at W-35 L-41) the Giants' Double-A affiliate, who has been deemed the next phenom to wear the orange and black with the rest of the big leaguers.

His name is Sergio Romo. His numbers read as follows: W-1 L-3, ERA-4.00, G-24, Saves-11, IP-27, Hits Allowed-22, Runs-12, BB-7, K's-30, HR-1. (When Vinnie Chulk becomes Vinnie Goombye and I, personally, referred to him as BoomBah, Home Runs allowed is a statistic that apparently matters to Giants' brass as well as yours truly.)

Note: Jose Elephant Ear Castillo has been playing very good defense lately and been hitting well too. It was high time I showed Jose Elephant Ear some love. Because I truly believe: If they are wearing the orange and black it must be recognized when they are worthy.

Kevin Marquez (thanks to San Francisco Giants' website)