Monday, June 16, 2008

Ichiro Suzuki - Can Do What He Wants on Diamond

In the April 21, 2008 edition of ESPN magazine there was an article on how base stealers stop stealing so many bases at the age of 33.

Born in Kasugai, Japan on October 22, 1973, Ichiro Suzuki is 34 and currently has 29 stolen bases, having been caught only two times. (See Comments on This Day in Baseball for one of Ichiro's stellar achievements so far in his career.)

I recall reading an article how his manager (John McLaren) challenged him to steal more bases. It appears Ichiro is up to the challenge, even if his team is otherwise floundering.

This just goes to show that when you are talking about someone who truly is a cut above most of those in the field of play you should always allow for the possibility that the great ones can do anything they put their minds to, regardless of age.

Maybe someone saw the article and brought it to Ichiro's attention. Maybe not. With all the media attention Ichiro gets I've got to think someone ran it by him, if only to amuse him. And he took stock and used the "bulletin board gossip" as a motivational tool to once again show everyone that Ichiro Suzuki can pretty much do what he wants on the baseball diamond.

(inspired by ESPN magazine article Steal Sign, April 21, 2008 edition)

Kevin Marquez