Thursday, June 15, 2017

Unbelievably Catchy

It is unbelievable what is happening to the 2017 San Francisco Giants. Indescribable things that are easier to explain if you saw it happen rather having to listen to it on the airwaves. Because these days, those guys calling the game are all but waving the white flag.

In Wednesday's game vs. the Royals on June 14th there were a couple of "duck snorts" just out of the reach of a Giant's fielder and then a base hit. In a game of inches you need to be within the grasp of the ball or else those inches turn into feet running around the base paths.

Then the 15 games under .500 (26-41) Giants head on to Colorado. To face a team whose record is 42-26. Bottom of the first went: Leadoff hitter hit a roller he beat out and Buster's throw hit him sending him to second base. Next batter hit was was described as a seeing-eye hit. Then Nolan Arenado hit what was described as a looping liner where nobody was. And just like that it was 2-0. Nobody hit the ball hard.

Top of the 2nd the Giants have the bases loaded and Story robs Span. Time to turn off the radio. Just too tough to listen to. Maybe tune in later. But the length of the game, where the game is being played (Colorado) and how it becomes endemic because you get a domino effect reaction that becomes Murphy's law. To use a baseball term, it's "catchy."

Fast forward to the 8th inning. Giants get a 3-run jack from Brandon Crawford, after a two-run shot by Buster Posey and a solo by Todd Hundley. They are now trailing by one run, 9-8.

In the 9th the Giants give Greg Holland his first blown save. But rather than take the lead going into the bottom half of the ninth they remain tied. How is this so? Because Denard- has a noticeable-Span between the ears. He hesitated on a passed ball in the 9th. This was a play where the runner just busts butt from third and just lets the chips fall where they may. Unlike Span's approach which was musical chairs all of the way. 

Kevin J. Marquez