Wednesday, June 7, 2017

(Denard) Span Between His Ears is Noticeably Vacant

One must think that Denard Span is a good ballplayer because he made it into the Major Leagues. And there is some merit to that belief because many players aren't good enough for one reason or another to make a career in major league baseball. Denard Span has had a career in major league baseball.

But it could be SO much better.

Long ago, when baseball cards cost .25 cents a pack, I was told by my father that baseball was a thinking man's game. You always had to be going over in your mind what you could do to better place yourself in scoring position or maneuver yourself to make a defensive play that will help prevent the opponent from being in position to score. THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING YOU COULD BE DOING!!

Backing up fielder on throws, taking the extra base when the fielder doesn't field the ball cleanly or just challenging the arm of an outfielder by taking the extra base. These aforementioned chances to help out his team don't often register for Denard Span. He's one of those guys coaches would be screaming, "Why don't you get a ticket and watch the game from the stands?"

Getting picked off base, once he reaches the base safely, or getting caught in a rundown because he misread the flight or direction of the ball is something he does with enough regularity you could hear the audible exhale from a Giant fan who recognized the guilty party. Denard Span's head is just not in the game. The span between his ears is noticeably vacant. 

And as far as his defense the only thing he gives you is the ability to catch up to some well-hit balls. But because he doesn't take the best angle on balls you would not be incorrect thinking he was fortunate when he does actually catch the fly ball. I am really surprised that every team doesn't challenge his arm whenever the ball is hit to him. His arm is that weak. 

Kevin J. Marquez