Saturday, February 25, 2017

Diamonds in the Rough

A non-roster invitee to the 2017 SF Giants is right-hander Bryan Morris. A 6'3," 29-year-old who turns 30 on March 28.
Morris was the first pick of the L.A. Dodgers in 2006, 26th overall.
On the Marty Laurie show, KNBR680AM, February 25, Tom Hudson was a guest. Marty asked him who he liked and the name Bryan Morris came up. How he has a Mariano Rivera type cutter and how the Giants have had their eyes on this guy. When he became available the Giants pounced.
Something the fans have to know about the Giants' scouting and personnel department, they can spot the diamond in the rough. They don't go after the marquee name because an Andres Torres (to name drop) can contribute just the same.
(Note: A similar thing happened with Chris Marrero. As soon as they heard he was available, whoosh, there they were to snap him up.)

Brian Sabean has a stellar crew working for him. They spend on players they want to keep in the organization. This crew deserves some financial security for keeping the Giants ultra competitive. It sure makes me, a Giant's fan, feel secure.

Kevin J. Marquez