Friday, February 17, 2017

Aaron Hill You are the next...for the 2017 SFGiants

Remember the old Bob Barker "Price is Right?" The voice (Rod Roddy) that would call out the next contestant for the show? Well that's exactly how the Giants are handling this year's Spring training.

They are looking to make the most complete roster with utility players who have quality experience and hopefully still more to offer the game they have added so much to.

Aaron Hill, a name baseball fans are familiar with, especially Giant fans. He's hurt them as a member of the Diamondbacks. He was a first round pick for the Blue Jays, went to Arizona and last season with the Brewers. And I seem to recall him helping the Brewers defeat the Giants in the 2016 campaign last year.

With Jimmy Rollins, Michael Morse, Nick Hundley, and now Aaron Hill, the Giants are hoping to find a spot for these guys to contribute something to a team that can compete with the best the majors has to offer.  I am getting stoked.

Kevin J. Marquez