Monday, August 25, 2014

Time to Put a Fork in the 2014 San Francisco Giants

After seeing Mike Morse bumble around in left field with the reasoning that as long as he hits homers and drives in runs his pathetic defense won't be enough to cost the team any games (that theory really backfired, eh?) and then the horrific Monday night game on August 25th, against a Rockies team with the worst record in baseball (although against the Giants they are 8-4) it is time to put a fork in the 2014 Giants.

If you look up the old posts I may have done the same thing in 2010 and 2012, because in either year there was a point of no return that, well, being a Giant's fan is just too much to endure. Nothing sickens me more than bad baseball. When you make mistake after mistake, do everything possible to assist the opponent into scoring runs and then the age old inconsistent strike zone. Enough, is enough.

Time to see if the 49ers can come to their senses and re-sign Alex Boone and if Colin Kaepernick can learn how to add touch to his passes and not throw the fastball every time.

Barring a miracle, like the ones in 2010 and 2012 I don't see any reason for me to tune into 680AM, KNBR. With their lame ads and idiotic promos, that too is something I don't really need to be subjected to, know what I mean.

Kevin J. Marquez

PS: They better sign Pablo (Pah-blow) not (pab-low) or next season will be another six months of futility.

One should note, that WHEN to put a fork in something is the key to making it happen.
In 2010 and 2012, the torture and total frustration were enough to place el tenedor in the orange and black hopes.
Now, this 2014 team is the year of Panik, and the fork needed to be applied. It is the last hope to change the fate of a favorite team.