Saturday, August 30, 2014

One May Be the Loneliest Number but...

On August 29, 1977, Duane Kuiper hit the only home run of his career off of Steve Stone, while Stone was with the White Sox at Cleveland's Municipal Stadium.

Steve Stone was originally drafted by the San Francisco Giants.

On November 29, 1972 Stone was traded with (OF) Ken Henderson to the White Sox for Tom Bradley.
On December 11, 1973, Stone was traded with Steve Swisher to the Chicago Cubs for Ron Santo.
On November 29, 1978, Stone was signed by the Baltimore Orioles as a free agent. In 1980, Stone would win the American League Cy Young award, posting a 25-7 won/loss record with a 3.23 ERA.

Duane Kuiper was drafted by the Chicago White Sox of the 1970 amateur draft in the 1st round but did not sign.
In the 1972 amateur draft he was selected by the Cleveland Indians in the 1st round and did sign.
On November 14, 1981, the Cleveland Indians traded Kuip to the San Francisco Giants for RHP- Ed Whitson.

Like Kuip says, he sure got a lot of mileage out of that home run off of Stoney in August of 1977.

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Kevin Marquez