Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tommy Lasorda Said

"They cheated. That's the way it is. If my brother did that I'd say the same thing about my brother. I mean, I know those guys. They're good friends of mine. But by golly, they didn't do it the right way."

"How in the hell could a guy hit 73 home runs? I mean, Babe Ruth couldn't do it."

This is the same guy who has sung the Dodger blues by not getting his chance to make the major league roster because of some Jewish left-hander from Brooklyn, New York. With that cheshire cat grin he made a livelihood out of saying, 'It took Sandy Koufax to keep me off the major league roster.'

So you mean to tell me if someone approached him with the idea of a supplement incorporated into a well-balanced diet, with an emphasis on strength and conditioning, that would enhance his game to the point where he could escape the dregs of minor league baseball, he wouldn't do it?

More money, better living conditions, a chance to show all those naysayers what he could do. Or how about being told by a trainer, back in those uninformed days of treating injuries, 'What do you think all those ointments and lotions Koufax uses do for the lefty? They help him stay in the big leagues.'

Holy Gluefactory Batman, you have a chance to escape the morass of minor league baseball (in Montreal) and you're going to punch the trainer in the nose for suggesting such a thing? C'mon, you'd jump higher than a vat filled with spaghetti if that opportunity was presented to you. Unless, of course, you were a practicing monk where thou art as pure as the freshly driven snow. Pa-lease!

You can't make quotes from your current perspective. Think back to the days when you were trying to make the big league club. Wouldn't you have done anything to make the bigs?

Kevin J. Marquez