Thursday, November 29, 2012

Joe Panik May Challenge for a Job in 2013

According to Mitch Petanick (contributor to Giants' Bleacher Report) the former first-round pick in the 2011 MLB draft will have something to say about the second base or perhaps even shortstop position.

All my information is taken from this article but I do recall Panik being interviewed by Marty Lurie and Lurie himself said the man, the player impressed him.

Petanick goes on to say how 'first-round draft picks are primarily made up of five tool players that ooze baseball talent.' And that 'after hearing the Giants' pick, labeled a reach by many, the MLB draft announcers joked about how many pages down their draft board they had to go to find Panik's name.'

Mitch's comeback, 'The joke will be on them when Panik is helping the San Francisco Giants defend their 2012 World Series title.'

Because he doesn't have the five tools 'experts' overlook Panik. Mitch says he doesn't make the scouts drool but 'the kid can flat out play ball.'

Now, when I hear someone described as one who can flat play ball I want to get a look at how well this guy picks it and rips it. (It...being the ball.)

From the Lurie interview I remember how Marty stressed what a hard-working kid Joe Panik. Again, everybody does their work. But to separate some players from others by the manner in which they work is something to take note of (and I do file that sort of thing away so when he does get called up to the Big League club I won't be surprised).

But it doesn't end there. Petanick: 'He may not be a five tool player, but he has the luxury of being called a "pure hitter."' Who do YOU think of when you think of who is a "PURE" hitter?

A graduate of ST.JOHN's University, Derek Jeter is his childhood idol. Oft times the people you idolize you emulate.

What I didn't think was accurate about this article was that Mitch Petanick thinks Brandon Crawford is 'practically an automatic out.' He must not have paid attention to the post-season. Because Crawford had some timely hits and (I thought) did admirably for a rookie in the brightest of spotlights.

Petanick's bold predictions are that 'Panik will go on to have the best major league career of any player in the Giants' farm system right now.'
'He will be called up to replace the light-hitting Crawford at shortstop, but expect Panik to eventually settle in at second base and be an All-Star caliber player for years to come.'

Why? Mitch wrote, 'he will immediately adapt to the higher level of play due to his instincts and his offensive skill set.'

(much love to Mitch Petanick's article)

Kevin J. Marquez