Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Must Win Three Games In A Row

Beginning Game 3 with Ryan Vogelsong starting for the Giants it is time for the bats to get going. 

I can honestly say that I did not see or hear much of Game 2. Critical boredom set in when inning after inning the Reds hurler looked like the reincarnate of Jim Maloney without the heater.

But after listening to the Giants broadcasters and the writers of the Chronicle, it came out that they were trying too hard. Nothing works when you try too hard. No matter what it is you are trying to accomplish by trying too hard you put much more emphasis on the task at hand than is necessary. Inadvertantly you lose sight of what needs to be paid attention to, a sort of visual distortion.

It's what I kept hearing and I cannot disagree. They seemed to be out of sorts and nothing will get you out of sync faster than squeezing the bat too tight or swinging from the heels when all you are ever trying to do is make solid contact.

Let's get us some Marco Scutaro. Ever since Pauly Mac did a song for Marco (with a Pink Floyd soundtrack)he has not reached base with the regularity we have become accustomed to and that is through no fault of his own. He was unreal and the cooling off period had to come because we as humans don't continue to play at his unbelievable pace. Unless, of course, your name is Willie Mays or Roberto Clemente. The great ones stay hotter longer, that's just the way it is.

I think Dusty wants to win now. He can only think back to his time managing the Cubs when he let the Marlins and Steve Bartman hang around.  Bartman was harmless but his brain-dead efforts for a foul ball that didn't give his beloved Cub player a chance was just the sort of misfortune that happended because the Marlins were hanging around.

Meanwhile Bruce Bochy knows his players every bit as good as Dusty knows his players. He knows how to get the most of out them and in the friendly confines of Great American Ballpark I expect the Giants to match, if not outdo, the Reds in hitting the long ball.

My fingers aren't crossed and I'm not wearing lucky underwear. I just don't think the Giants are the kind of team that will let a sweep happen to them. They worked too hard, overcame too much to just go down in a heap, 3-0.

Kevin J. Marquez