Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Marco's Got A Little Something for Cardinals

I missed the play at second base.  But heard the Angel Pagan homer on dying batteries despite someone revving up his motorcyce, as if to say, "Look at me!" to those passing by on the cluttered streets of Valencia.

Then I listened a little further and Jon Miller's color commentating partner, former 20-game winner Mike Krukow, chimed in how the play was bush league. To which the former middle infielder Duane Kuiper said  "Bull, " after expressing his educated opinion on the matter by including that it was unnecessary.  Which lent itself to a newfangled word created by the in-the-heat-of-the-moment Krukow. "Well then that's Bush-Bull!" exclaimed the intensified Kruk.

Then word got around that on Pagan's homer it was said by Cardinal homers (Fox broadcasters: Tim McCarver and Joe Buck) that Pagan saluted the Cards as if to show some sort of displeasure on the Matt Holiday rolling over Marco Scutaro play in the top half of the first inning.  (Turns out the camera angle was mistaken by both McCarver and Buck because he was saluting his teammates as he had done before after hitting one out of the park.)

For most of the night much of the discussion was how bush the play was and not 'good, hard, clean baseball.'  Some even compared it to the Buster Posey play last May when he was lost for the remainder of the season.  That in Buster's case the runner was trying to score a run and thought the best way to score was to knock Buster to the ground before he had a chance to secure the throw.   Whereas Holliday didn't slide as much as he rolled over the much smaller Scutaro. 

I suppose to Krukow, it must have looked like Victor Cruz (of the New York Giants) doing his Axel Rose gyrations after scoring a touchdown against the 49ers.  If so, I wholeheartedly understand the angst in Kruk's vocal inflection.

But something much more important happened (according to Kruk).  He felt that if there was a fog over the Giants as to what they had to do to finally win a game at AT&T it suddenly evaporated after witnessing the collision at second base.  And then to see Marco rip one past Holliday for a bases clearing double was the icing on the cake.

Giant fans saw how the Giants handled themselves on the road versus Cincinnati under do or die conditions.  Let's see if this really does add fuel to the fire that was already burning pretty well inside the hearts and souls of our beloved Gigantes.

Kevin J. Marquez