Thursday, August 23, 2012

Performance Enhancing Drugs, Where Can I Get Some?

Is there a place that provides performance enhancing drugs at discount rates under no scrutiny whatsoever, but the catch is- (like back in the day when you had to be caucasion)- it is only for Latin Americans?

Surfing on the Internet I came across a list entitled "Baseball Players Accused of Using Performance Enhancing Drugs."

My original thought was, 'Why do the Latin ballplayers always get caught?' Do they think they're sly? Smarter than the average oso (bear)?

But upon looking at this list I can see some familiar names who are not of Latin ethnicity.  But one thing is for sure, the bus picked you up at AT&T Park, after Candlestick Park was closed to football only.  Mucho gigantes on the list, baby.

Since this is a San Francisco Giants blog let me list those dubious members who were former Gigantes.

David Bell (didn't expect to see his name on this list).
Marvin Benard (was there any doubt?)
Mark Carreon (another surprise)
Bobby Estalella (as expected)
Jose Guillen
Clay Hensley (he made a snied comment about Melky and yet he too is on the list of those who got caught. A wee bit hypocritical, ya think?)
Matt Herges
Glenallen Hill
Guillermo Mota
F.P. Santangelo
Miguel Tejada
Matt Williams  (article says that the San Francisco Chronicle reported he bought $11,600 worth of HGH and steroids in 2002. Williams said a doctor advised him to try HGH to rehabilitate an injured ankle.)

Sure lots of Latins are getting busted but the paddy wagon no doubt runs through the city by the bay. Otherwise known as San Francisco.

(thanks to and their helpful info regarding PEDs.)

Kevin J. Marquez