Friday, August 3, 2012

Bushville Wins

Getting to know the announcers for "Your San Francisco Giants" I can recall Duane Kuiper say he grew up a fan of the Milwaukee Braves.  Eddie Mathews and Hammerin' Hank Aaron were very much like Willie Mays and Willie McCovey. The only difference is that the Braves won the World Series in 1957 and the Giants fell short in 1962 on a game-ending liner by McCovey to Bobby Richardson at second base. (Mays was left stranded on third base in the 1-0 defeat by the New York Yankees. The Yankees are the team Milwaukee defeated in 1957.)

While tuned into Marty Lurie, on the Sports Leader (this past weekend), he spoke to a guest who is the author of a recent book entitled, "Bushville Wins."  The author, John Klima, is an engaging character who explained the title of the book.

Back during the 1957 World Series between the Milwaukee Braves and the New York Yankees the Yankees rolled into town and their infamous manager, the Old Perfessor, Casey Stengel barked that they were in "Bushville."

The Braves would go on to win the World Series in seven games, 4 games to 3.  Interestingly, three of the four wins was by Lew Burdette, a player the Yankees had no room on their roster for Burdette when they traded him on August 29, 1951 with $50,000 for Johnny Sain.(Unfortunately, the Yankees would face the Braves the following year for the World Series championship and did a roll reversal on the Braves, beating them 4-3 for the title.)

Miller High Life would give free cases of beer to the winning pitcher, defensive play that saved the game and game-winning home run. Ergo Screwballs, Sluggers and Beer Swiggers Who Canned the New York Yankees. Bushville wins!

(good insight listening to the author speak on the Marty Lurie show.)

Kevin Marquez