Thursday, May 10, 2012

Schierholtz Can't Lose the Bonehead Label

Sure Tim Lincecum left three pitches up in the "hit me zone."  And sure Andre Ethier, Bobby Abreu, and Tony Gwynn, Jr. did not miss them.  But the game's momentum changed when Nate Schierholtz got picked off of second base when outfielder Matt Kemp threw behind him.  Unfortunately, for the Giants, he was tagged before Brandon Belt crossed the plate.  So the run DID NOT COUNT!

Seems Nate has had the kind of career where he'd be red hot or ice cold.  His defense has generally been nothing less than stellar and that is the reason he is in the big leagues. But in the bigs, if you want to stay and play, you must contribute offensively.

What I can't figure out is what was Tim Flannery doing at the third base box?  (How come this guy gets a clearance for the boneheaded baserunning blunders made by the Giants?)  Where were the semaphore signals to get the attention of #12?

Doesn't Nate know that the run doesn't count if he gets tagged before the runner crosses the plate?  Duane Kuiper was wondering why he didn't just keep on running.

That being said, what was Flannery doing or was Nate looking the other way?  This was not a bobble of the ball or a throw to the wrong base. This was a mental error (a.k.a. bonehead play) that cost the Giants the momentum which ultimately decided the game.

Nate's time is up. It should be considered, by the powers that be within the Giants' organization, to place him on the trade block.  Time to see what others in the farm system can do. 

Kevin J. Marquez