Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Aubrey's Huff and a Puff Hopefully Has Settled

When I first read Henry Schulman's article on Aubrey Huff explaining his anxiety I was touched.

When you put his scenarios together (with your own) you felt like at one point you could have experienced similar things that perplexed you to a moment of chaotic fear.

When Schulman wrote that Huff said, 'It took everything I could to get up here from Tampa after I freaked out.'  My heart went out to him.

In the dream-like season of 2010 all Giants fans know what a contributor Aubrey Huff was to that World Series champion team.  Just like we have all either witnessed or lived through tough times of our own we can empathize with him.  At least I can, that's for sure.

Perhaps Aubrey can still be a contributor to the 2012 team.  His presence and baseball experience can be felt by those younger ballplayers on the team who could use some guidance.

God bless you Aubrey.  Your wife and your teammates will help you work it out.  You've got a good support system.

(thanks to the Henry Schulman article of 5/5/12 for my inspiration)

Kevin J. Marquez