Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cap on Backwards

Adrian Constantine Anson, nicknamed "Cap," (which was short for captain) was born in Iowa.  He hated blacks and felt they shouldn't be allowed to play baseball because (to him) baseball was a white man's domain.  (Did he have bad experiences with this race or did he just prefer to remain ignorant on the subject of who African Americans were ?)

His authority contributed to the spread of what was understood (by those on the outside looking in) as "the unwritten rule."  The unwritten rule wasn't something etched in stone like the gloriously fabulous story of the Ten Commandments. It was the "word of mouth." 

If someone were to ask if they could see these "unwritten rules" no one would be able to present them.  These "rules" were and are a nod and a wink of ignorance and prejudice. Because Cap Anson-the best ballplayer at the time- would not play against the blacks (or anyone with a dark complexion) a vast majority of caucasians (who wanted to play the great game of baseball) became sheep as they fell prey to the so-called "unwritten rules."

Kevin J. Marquez