Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Around the Horn Look at Your 2012 San Francisco Giants

After I read an article on Bleacher Report.com by Augustin Kennady I felt the need to make some amendments and offer my own opinion on the person and his position.

With the catching position Kennady has Buster Posey starting and Eli Whiteside or Chris Stewart backing up the up and coming superstar. But after listening to a few pre-season games I offer that Hector Sanchez is making a good push to force the Giants to make Eli Whiteside a full-time coach. Thereby creating the backup spot for Stewart, with Sanchez on the roster as someone who could spell Posey as Posey increases his endurance and stamina. Imagine having Sanchez entering the game with his ability to hit, as a late-inning replacement.  It would cause the opposition to maintain an intense concentration because there would be very little drop off between the two batters. Those who bat before or after the Posey slot will likely see some good pitches to hit.

 At first base there is Aubrey Huff, Brandon Belt and Brett Pill all vying for playing time.  This is Huff's job to lose.  Now when camp breaks for the regular season the thought is to send Belt down to get every day playing time in Triple A- Fresno while keeping the veteran Brett Pill on the roster to come off the bench as a right-handed bat with some pop. He reminds me of Joel Youngblood because he is so versatile.

This is not a demotion for Belt but rather a chance for him to find his stroke and when he does the roster will be adjusted accordingly to find a spot for him.

Second base:  Freddy Sanchez, Mike Fontenot and Ryan Theriot.  All should see plenty of action, especially if Sanchez is unable to maintain his health.

Both Freddy Sanchez and Buster Posey would be good to get 100 games at catcher and second base respectively.  The remaining 62 games is why they have Ryan Theriot, Mike Fontenot and Chris Stewart.  Somebody not mentioned could also be a contributor such as Charlie Culberson.

There are still about 3 weeks before the season starts.  Soon the Giants will be trimming the roster to have a better idea of who will be around come the April 6th, opening day in Arizona to play the Diamondbacks.

Kevin J. Marquez