Monday, December 13, 2010

Eugenio Velez also Goes to Los Angeles Dodgers

Can I get a show of hands of how many people are glad Eugenio -"No Brain-y-yo" on the bases-Velez went to the dreaded Dodgers?

Talk show host (9am-Noon, KNBR 680AM) Gary Radnich has this thing whenever somebody calls about some obscure thing, although not to the caller, of course, there will be a "drop" from his producer of someone saying "nobody cares." And this move most definitely falls into that category.

Velez acted like he was blindfolded whenever he reached base and then had to figure out a way to score. He was fast but couldn't steal a bag to save his life. Was it just me or didn't it seem like he was always on the verge of being picked off whenever he did reach base?

I don't think Eugenio's in the class of Ricky Ledee. Nobody was a worse Giant than Ledee. His forgettable statistics for his year with the orange and black, 2004, were as follows:
AB-53, R-6, H-6, 2B-2, RBI-4, Base on Balls-5, Times struck out-20, BA-.113.

As I've stated before, nobody to my recollection has done this bad with at least 50 at-bats. Any manager could see after so many at-bats that he just wasn't producing.

Eugenio should do at least that good, but c'mon, how high are we setting the bar?

Kevin J. Marquez