Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Edgar Renteria. The same guy I dubbed "Rent-an-error." Because at that time he was pitiful.
But the man knows when it counts most. And that's why Ed-Garrrrr, was MVP of your 2010 San Francisco Giants, the World Series Champs!

He was overpaid.
Brian Sabean sucks hind tit. What the heck was he thinking? (Feel pretty foolish now, eh? I don't 'cause I'm one of those guys, hey if you prove me wrong I can accept that I have egg on my face.
As for eating crow, you what goes good with crow? Lots and lots of beer, baby!)

All those prognosticating sons of bitches. We all know the playoffs are like a good mystery movie. Because you have no idea who will do what or how it will happen. You just got to watch the best do their thing. And when you have pitchers like the 2010 Gigantes, it'll be torture (for the opponent).

Matt Cain to capture Game 2. Madison Bumgarner to capture win #3. And Tim Lincecum to collect win number 4 (both his wins coming against Cliff Lee, a guy some of the experts were comparing to Sandy Koufax, Bob Gibson and Whitey Ford. Sure, he was good but don't you think they got a little carried away?).

Bumgarner's 8-inning 3-hitter was the key to the mint. A twenty-one year old with the determination of a seasoned veteran. Or Lincecum's gem on Monday night versus the equally tough Cliff Lee. If not for a homer with two men on base versus the solo shot, they might still be playing. Hey, our only loss came because it was the Giants who hit the solo shots and the Rangers who had the 3-run homer.

Who would have thought that the guy batting ninth for the Rangers would be their best hitter. Heck, isn't that where Edgar batted and look at what he did. So much for where you bat in the order. It's all about producing when it's your turn to bat.

Last but certainly not least, Brian Wilson.
No torture in Game 5 at Texas. He just mowed 'em down. And then we got to watch our Giants celebrate. Tuh-Dah, baby!!

Kevin J. Marquez