Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bruce Bochy

This guy got his team to believe they were the best. And you could see how badly they wanted to win for him. As the season crept into September you could sense this bond developing and these likable ballplayers putting it together to beat the odds.

Bochy listened to advice from management, heard what the media had pre-determined for his ballclub but only he knew how good his 25-man roster in the playoffs was and would be.

It was tough that Barry Zito didn't make the roster. But as the season played out you saw that he didn't belong on the roster. Pablo's inconsistency played a big part in how Bochy put together his starting lineup. It led to Bochy relying on Edgar Renteria. And he led them to the promised land. They all got to taste the forbidden fruits of their labor on November 1, 2010.

The Giants beat the Braves in Atlanta to move into the championship round.
The Giants beat the Phillies in Philadelphia to move onto the World Series.
The Giants beat the Rangers in Texas to win the friggin' World Series championship.
The Giants were 11-4 in the playoffs.

THAT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN. Three different times they were picked to pack their bags and head for home. I could say the prognosticators get the CACTUS (visualize what a cactus looks like and you'll understand what I'm saying. Something about the upright middle finger.).

Hoist a cold refreshing beverage to the perfect manager-Bruce Bochy- for a team like our 2010 San Francisco Giants.

Congratulations BOch. This one's for you.

Kevin J. Marquez