Saturday, June 27, 2009

There Seems to be a Pattern Shaping Up in 2009 Major League Season

Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson dead on the same day (June 25, 2009). Made for lots of conversation at the local watering holes or workplace water cooler. Even though I know enough about both Farrah and Michael I chose not to enter into the conversations instead opting for laying back while others shared their stories.

Only a couple of things I enjoy talking about and that's baseball and football. It's not football season so the hometown San Francisco Giants are front and center.

Or shall I call them the San Francisco-Fresno Giants, as they are filling the holes of those- not doing their jobs worthy of remaining with the big club- with players on their triple A affiliate (in Fresno). And in doing so, we can see that there is talent from withing the Giants' minor league farm system.

One thing about the 2009 season is that several teams are calling on their young stud pitchers to make their debuts in the majors and seeing if they can stay a while. There is the factor that if you have never seen a pitcher before, it is the pitcher who has the edge. Team the pitcher with a headsy batterymate (catcher) and this may be an effective tool.

The Giants have had series after series where it was the first time they faced the pitcher throughout the series. And their won/loss record shows dramatically how it favors the never-before seen pitcher and his team, that is, if the pitcher keeps the opponent under 3 runs or better.

With all of the charts and newfangled numbers utilized by those whe appear to be in-the-know, there may even be a way to further enhance this usage of a pitcher who the league is without book.

We're all experts watching the game, you've got to know being there (in person) exposes things national coverage (on television) couldn't possibly reveal. If that's an accurate assessment, there's no doubt the guys in the dugout will figure something out for that newcomer to succeed.

Kevin Marquez