Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some Giants' News...Old and New

ESPN magazine issue in May had a list of the Most Runs by one team, by inning.

1st inning: Brooklyn Dodgers 15 runs in 1952.
2nd inning: Cleveland Indians 14 runs in 2009.
3rd : San Francisco Giants 13 runs in 1966.
4th: Chicago Cubs 14 runs in 1922.
5th: New York Yankees 14 runs in 1920.
6th: Cleveland Indians of 1923, Detroit Tigers of 1925 and Montreal Expos of 1997 all scored 13 runs
7th: Boston Red Sox scored 17 runs in 1953.
8th: Texas Rangers scored 16 runs in 1996.
9th: California Angels of 1978 and Detroit Tigers of 2001 both scored 13 runs in the final inning.
Extra innings: Texas Rangers scored 12 runs in the 15th inning in 1983.


In the same ESPN mag, there was a little notice entitled A Giant Wave of Talent that offers some hope to the fans of the orange and black.

The article starts out: For the past two decades, the Giants have earned a reputation for relying on veterans and free agents. In fact, from Royce Clayton (their 1st round draft pick of 1988) until Noah Lowry (2001), San Fran didn't have a single first-rounder contribute significantly in the bigs. But homegrown hurlers Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain have started a new trend by the Bay. Over the past three years, the Giants have handed out the five largest amateur bonuses in club history, and their new emphasis on player development is on display every night in San Jose, their Class A affiliate in the California League.

Angel Villalona (an 18-year old), 2008 first-round pick Conor Gillaspie, a third baseman who saw some action last season with the big league club; 2007 first-rounder Nick Noonan, a second-baseman; slugging outfielder Roger Kieschnick, nephew of former major leaguer Brooks Kieschnick; and shortstop Brandon Crawford, a UCLA product who just might be the steal of the 2008 draft (as a 4th rounder).

And those guys aren't even the prize players. Buster Posey, 22, Catcher. Madison Bumgarner, 19, left-handed pitcher. Tim Alderson, 20, right-handed pitcher.


In other news, it looks like the time is now to send Fred Lewis back to the minor leagues and give someone else a look. He's tailed off considerably and is not appearing to be having any fun. In other words, he's trying too hard and nothing he does is working. (Been there, done that...Haven't we all?)

(thanks to ESPN magazine for the bulk of this piece.)

Kevin Marquez