Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Noah Lowry's Karma is Catching Up with Him

Noah Lowry, a Pepperdine graduate, showed some promise as a pitcher when he first came up with the San Francisco Giants. And that he was left-handed was all the more reason to have high hopes for the 28-year old who will turn 29 in October.

As recently as 2007, he led the team in victories with 14. But lately he's been having trouble pitching pain-free. 'The Giants were very diligent in having him see a variety of doctors, but ultimately it's based on results,' said Lowry's agent, Damon Lapa.

According to Lapa the Giants misdiagnosed Lowry's ailment, possibly leading to two (2) wasted seasons away from the mound because of a previous surgery that was not necessary.

Now, you the casual fan of baseball, can probably imagine the pain Damon Lapa is in, now that he and Noah finally learned the cause of Noah's painful arc, or shall I say, discomfort in his delivery.
All the money they both could have made had Noah pitched. Well, how about the money the San Francisco Giants lost after investing a substantial amount in a player who suddenly became damaged goods?

Noah's karma wasn't right.

I recall going to Spring Training one year. Everything about Scottsdale, Arizona was fantastic until it came time for me to try and get a few autographs on a baseball for my nephew. When I approached Noah Lowry he looked at me like I was a stalker. Like I was this older guy, a guy older than he, who wanted his autograph, only saying I wanted it for my nephew so he'd go ahead and sign the ball.

Well, I didn't get the signature nor did my nephew. He got a ball with Duane Kuiper and Jon Miller's name on it and my brother busted my chops asking, "All you could get was the announcers, a backup backstop and a bullpen catcher? What's with that?"

In closing, I have to go with Demon, uh, Damon Lapa's comments that had to make at least half of the Giants' fans bitter and that remark was: It's a happy day in the sense that we're excited the cause has been found... There's nothing worse than robbing a guy of what he loves to do.'

How many people had to figure something out when it was discovered they weren't going to do what it was they wanted to do? About half the population? At least.

And maybe half of those unfortunate Giant fans, who just happened to read that comment by Lowry's agent, would like an opportunity to do at least one thing they wanted to do and that would be to grab Damon Lapa by the throat and rob him of some oxygen.

Kevin Marquez