Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Like it That Way

I like that the Giants came from behind (at AT&T) to beat LA's Dodger's 5-4, on April 27, 2009.
After jumping out of the gates with 3 runs in the first inning and not scoring again until the 8th inning that was some thing to hear over the airwaves ('Giants' baseball on KNBR').

I like that Brian Wilson got a chance to redeem himself and he made the 2 runs they got in the 8th enough to hold of the dreaded Dodgers.

"That guy's good luck," said TV analyst Mike Krukow. As the television camera captured a smiling Barry Bonds sitting with Owner William Neukom, his wife, and high-fiving Larry Baer and his wife.

I liked seeing that. Because the idea of bringing Barry Bonds back into the fold, in any capacity, is a monumental thing. Barry was a damned good San Francisco Giant. Everything he did was for the San Francisco Giants and the organization should never forget that.

When it comes to using any kind of substances that are said to enhance your performance you are always forewarned of the risks involved. Now whether you believe that what it is you are taking is harmful or not you are no doubt advised about the consequences. Barry and his constituents between the foul lines thought the risk was worth the reward.

It cost Ken Caminiti his life, but how far did he take it? Did he ignore the information he was told and choose instead to go to any lengths to become the most super human being he could possibly be? Did he mix these substances with alcohol and or drugs, figuring he was some kind of invincible and it couldn't possibly hurt him? Maybe we don't know all the facts but one thing is sure, some guys who may not be liked by the general public (Bonds and Jose Canseco) knew how to do what it was they were doing. They made sure they had all the facts before implementing these substances, regardless if they were a form of steroid or not. Canseco knew full-well it was steroids and he saw to it that everything he needed to know about these substances was first-hand knowledge before he instructed others on how to handle them. It is Jose Canseco who is the one former player Major League Baseball has to consider as it's top advisor. Jose Canseco is the expert on the subject of performance enhancement drugs.

Some players may not have known what they were sampling was steroids. And the consequences didn't bother them because they would rather play a game between the foul lines than have to listen to some blowhard bark out orders just for the sake of hearing his/her own voice. You know, the mindless tasks some people (in positions of authority) are wont to assign so it looks like they're in-charge.

Barry Bonds is someone the Giants should most definitely consider bringing back into the fold. As an instructor on the art of hitting, are you kidding? He'd be fantastic! And he'd be allowed to re-join Vida Blue, J.T. Snow, Will Clark, his godfather Willie Mays, "Big Stretch" Mc Covey, Orlando Cepeda as a permanent member of the Giants' family. And we all know his TV announcer buddies, Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow would love to have the "Big Guy" in the booth as often as possible.

Kevin Marquez