Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Let's Review: Pitchers...Who left an impression, of any kind

Mike Krukow made a habit out of complimenting or downgrading the performance of pitchers when called upon during the KNBR680 Wrap. But that's his brethren, pitchers, so he feels the need to add his "so-called" expertise.

Me, as a casual observer, I'd like to offer my opinion on those pitchers who did enough for me to want them back. If they aren't mentioned in this little ditty, then I'm saying 'Adios.' Or worse yet, "Good Riddance."

Matt Cain, All I can say is, "If you were him would you want to come back to a situation where you lose game most guys win because your team doesn't manufacture enough runs?"

Tim Lincecum. What does he think when he sees Cain and Barry Zito do their job and still have no W to show for it?

Barry Zito: He righted his ship and his ability just proves that if you don't score runs you don't win. Sure, he had some bad games but for the most part he got ZERO support.

Jonathan Sanchez: This guy is trade bait.

Brian "Wouldn't It Be Nice" to "Don't Worry Baby" to "Good Vibrations" for the off-season-Wilson. The San Francisco Giants have their closer.

Alex Hinshaw deserves a shot at returning. Perhaps a consideration for an occasional start, even? Heaven's to Mergatroy! Eh Bochy?

Brad Hennessey was supposedly injured. Which is why he struggled early and was in need of being sent down. Served his time in the limited, hardly bustling metropolis of Fresno and showed he is still very serviceable.

Jack Taschner...Trade bait. But because he's a lefty, he'll get more looks than the righty could ever imagine.

Merkin Valdez: Is he healed? It's worth a look because until he got hurt he was killin' opponents.

Sergio Romo: Just may be the biggest find of all the pitchers. This guy makes the 2008 season a success IF he continues to improve, which by anyone standards would be hard to do since he was very impressive.

But I ask, has Bruce Bochy considered asking Kirk Rueter, to show up for Spring Training, so he could show the pitchers the best way to do what they do and allow themselves the opportunity to make a play in case the ball came THEIR WAY off the bat? Between the inability to put themselves in fielding position and pitching to opposing pitchers this is where the Giants, if they improve on these situations, could make a drastic change.

Kevin Marquez (next the Infield)