Saturday, October 25, 2008

Giving the Phillies some Brotherly Love, Sort of

I may have said that the Phillies were the first team to lose a World Series to a Canadian team (Toronto Blue Jays) in 1993, but in fact, the Blue Jays had beaten the Atlanta Braves in 1992. Making the Joe Carter homer off of Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams the second year in a row that the Blue Jays took the World Series championship.

In Sports Weekly there was a piece that was labeled, Phillies have one shining moment. And that happened in 1980, when the Mike Schmidt led Phillies defeated the Kansas City Royals for the World Series championship.

In 1950, the Phillies, known as the Whiz Kids, lost to the Yankees in four straight. By scores of 1-0, 2-1, 3-2 and 5-2. Only two homers were hit in that World by Joltin' Joe Di Maggio (Game 2) and the other by Yogi Berra (Game 4).

The article goes on to list the times this losingest franchise in major league history has made it into the postseason.

1976- 101W 61L (Won NL East) Lost to Cincinnati 3-0 in NLCS.
1977- 101W 61L (Won NL East) Lost to Los Angeles Dodgers 3-1 in NLCS.
1978- 90W 72L (Won NL East) Lost to L.A. Dodgers 3-1 in NLCS.
1980- 91W 71L (Won NL East) Beat KC Royals in World Series, 4-2.
1981- 59W 48L (Won NL East's 1st half) Lost to Montreal Expos 3-2 in divisional series.
(this may have been the first time a Canadian team had advanced as far in the major league playoff system.)
1983- 90W 72L (Won NL East) Lost to the Rick Dempsey-led (Series MVP) Baltimore Orioles, 4-1.
1993- 97W 65L (Won NL East) Lost to Toronto Blue Jays 4-2 in World Series.
2007- 89W 73L (Won NL East) Lost to Colorado Rockies 3-0 in divisional series.
2008- 92W 70L (Won NL East) Beat Los Angeles Dodgers in NLCS 4-1.
Facing Tampa Bay D'Rays.

How many former Giants players are on the Philadelphia Phillies roster? Let's see, there's Pedro Feliz at third base. And Scott Eyre in the bullpen. Geoff Jenkins, after spending his entire career with the Milwaukee Brewers adds depth to the bench as does 40-year old, former Oakland Athletic, Matt Stairs.

On the Tampa Bay DevilRays roster are no former San Francisco Giants.

I'd be more worried about the ex-Giant factor than the Cub factor, these days. Cliff Floyd, DH with the Rays, played with the Cubs last year as did Scott Eyre, now with the Phillies.

The question for Giants' fans is, will Pedro Feliz get a ring before the San Francisco Giants?
Ya gotta like his chances and root hard for the Tampa Bay D'Rays.

(thanks to Sports Weekly and Baseball Reference)

Kevin Marquez