Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Who's Next, in line, for bus tickets to and from Fresno?

For those of you Giant fans who are wondering (whenever a player on the big club is struggling) who is in Fresno, or maybe even San Jose, that is next in line for a shot with the major league San Francisco Giants you are right there with Brian Sabean, Dick Tidrow, Bobby Evans and Fred Stanley.

Fred Stanley's name is one I have seen associated with some of these moves, even though on the senority list he is perched at the bottom of the aforementioned list of Sabean, Tidrow and Evans. Known as Chicken during his playing days with, among others, the New York Yankees, Stanley is the current director of player development who has not hesitated to do the switcheroo.

The next player in line for a demotion from the big club is infielder Jose Castillo. His inconsistent play at the plate and in the field could use a change of scenery, which is sometimes all a young player with a new organization needs to straighten himself out. The player worthy of an opportunity is 27-year old infielder from Caracas, Venezuela, Julio Cordido.

I saw a note during last night's telecast between the Giants and Rockies that read... since moving to San Francisco, the Giants have stolen more bases this April 2008 than any other season. The record had been 28, with the 1999 team.

With two more games to play, the Giants are currently at 31 stolen bases.

Kevin Marquez