Monday, April 14, 2008


When it comes to bringing up someone deemed to make an impact, it's all hit or miss. Some times you get lucky, and other times you aren't so fortuitous in your thinking. Here's a rundown of the players currently performing at an enhanced level- for Triple A Fresno- without the 'roids.

Geno Espinelli- a relief pitcher, is considered an under-the-radar southpaw coming off an All-Star campaign in the Eastern League. Years of Age (YOA): 25.

Alex Hinshaw- a power lefty with impressive strikeout rate making his Triple A debut with Fresno. YOA: 25

Brian Horwitz- Cal product has hit everywhere he's been, as .322 career average attests.
YOA: 25.

Giants' fans are somewhat familiar with Pat Misch, the lefty sent to Fresno to get some work as well as Nate Schierholtz, the outfielder who was caught up in the numbers game. He still had some options while others players did not, so it was Nate who got the bus ticket to Fresno. Nate's 24-YOA, and Pat Misch is 26 YOA.

Julio Cordido is 27-YOA, but a very valuable utility player who has jumped out of the gates early this season. Looking at the box scores it seems like the Venezuelan always has 2 hits.

I'll be keeping an eye and ear on Double A and Single A clubs. Hopefully I can gather enough information to pass along.

Kevin Marquez