Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Baseball Humor

Out of the book, Ball Four, by Jim Bouton.

Then there's the tale Jim Gosger (former outfielder) told about hiding in a closet to shoot a little beaver while his roommate made out in the bed with some local talent. Nothing sneaky about it, the roommate even provided the towel for Gosger to bite on in case he was moved to laughter.

At the height of the activity on the bed, local talent, moaning, says, "Oh darling, I've never done it that way before." Whereupon Gosger sticks his head out of the closet and drawls, "Yeah, surre." and retreats in the closet.

After he told us the story, "Yeah surrre," became a watchword around the club.

"I only had three beers last night."
"Yeah, surre."

kevin marquez