Friday, May 10, 2013

Human Error Acceptable. Unwillingness to Correct Missed Calls- Not Acceptable

An error that is corrected before it can cause damage is an error nonetheless. (I got that from the good people at:

All of this discussion about replacing umpires with robots and modernized video equipment is just blather for the time being. We humans are a sensitive bunch so it'll be some time before those who officiate games are replaced by an efficient insensitive person who functions automatically.

Don't we already have referees or umpires who fit this description? Robots are always thought to walk and talk in a monotonous manner while lacking human emotions. So add the "insensitive" and you meet the qualifications for a robot and or some unhappy soul of a person.

Human error doesn't bother me, heck, I can't walk and chew gum at the same time. I barely take my eyes off the stairs I am walking down and inevitably I'm a You Tube sensation for everyone to laugh at until their breath is lost! (That, makes me laugh.) What I can't stand is the attitudes of these umpires who think the players are showing them up.

Who do they think they are? They are those who must have the leeway to bully ballplayers around. And that has everything to do with who is in charge of the umpires.

If an umpire chooses to be smug and emote the vibe that they don't make mistakes, or wouldn't think of correcting them even if in fact they did miss a call, then it is entirely up to their immediate supervisor to notify them that this isn't the Major League baseball way.

We need the emotions of everyone on the field of play.
We need the continued good efforts and hustle of all officials.
We need to feel like the arbiters in professional sports are the best there are.
We need to know a game will not be won or lost because of an official.
(Some of us would like to be able to bet on games but that's another story.)

What we don't need is the half-assed efforts of someone who shies away from looking at a replay for fear of being exposed as THE ONE WHO BLEW THE CALL.

The unwillingness to get the call right because of some attitudinal miscreant(s)in blue is unacceptable.
Nobody, not even family members, bought a ticket to see the officials.

NOTE TO FANS: (Family members, I'm sure, attend games their kinfolk officiate. But they too want to see a well-officiated game. And you have to feel for these people when their relative blows a call. They're the ones slinking in their chair and it's BAM, with the sunglasses! The last thing they need is to be recognized or videoed by someone sitting nearby.)

Kevin Marquez