Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Not So Fast My Giants'-fan Friends

We know, by now, that statistically Tim Lincecum has an ERA at 6.00  We know that he seems to have that one inning where the home plate umpire cannot seem to distinguish a ball from a strike.

We know he has that one inning where a below average hitter smacks a ball he leaves in the "hit me zone."  And we also seem to think he has lost some of the fire in his belly.

Fans are an interesting lot, to say the least.  I mean, heck, we all have the answers.  Some of our reasons are well-thought out while others are merely to hear our own voices on the 7-second delay of KNBR.

I have a question, though.  What are the Giants batting when Tim Lincecum is in the game?  Because it has caught my interest on a couple of occasions that once Timmy was replaced the hits seemed to find holes and flares fell untouched.

We should all remember how poorly they supported number 55 last season.  And the Giant defense, so far this year, has generally been less than stellar.

So I say, "Not so fast, my Giants'-fan friends.  Let's play a good game- all the way around- and see how the outcome materializes."

Kevin J. Marquez