Friday, April 27, 2012

Ya Gotta Play 'Em to Get the Win

I don't like hearing voices on KNBR 680 AM talk as if the San Diego Padres are easy pickings.  Because they most certainly have not been.  And for that reason I think the Padres will be ready for the Orange and Black tonight at AT&T Park.  (The San Diego Manager, Bud Black, is likely grimacing as he thinks, "I got your Orange Friday, RIGHT HERE!")

On the hill tonight (4/27/12) will be Cory Luebke, a left-hander.  And Giant fans have to know by now how effective lefties are against the 2012 San Francisco Giants.

Again, the teams have to play the game.  Just showing up is not an option it's called being there because these guys get paid bank to play a little boy/girl's game!

Kevin J. Marquez