Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Saw an article in ESPN magazine, don't recall which issue, that is month. It is a 2011 edition. (Actually, I was hoping the page I tore it out had the date on the bottom, like some do. This page had nothing.) The article, by Hallie Grossman, listed 5 records it considered Unbreakable.

Bill Mosienko's Hat Trick

On March 23, 1952, Mosienko, a right wing for the Black Hawks, scored goals at 6:09, 6:20 and 6:30 of the 3rd period against the New York Rangers, sparking a 7-6 comeback victory.

Johnny Unitas TD streak
Johnny Unitas passed for a touchdown in 47 consecutive weeks.

Wilt Chamberlain Averaged 48.5 minutes a game
Considering an entire game is 48 minutes long, you can see the guy never took time off. Not to mention he never fouled out, ever.  The 1961-62 season was the year he averaged 48.5.  Now think a minute. Is this where the legend came from?  You know, the legend of how many women he slept with! Some scribe and Wilt must have had an on-going joke and they decided to throw it against the wall to see if it would stick.
Looks like it stuck.  That is, until ESPN talk show hosts decided to do some investigative journalism. Once that happened the possibility of "the Stilt," or "the Big Dipper," virility lacked mathematical supporting evidence.

Ernie Nevers
On November 28, 1929, the Chicago Cardinals fullback scored 6 touchdowns and 4 extra-point conversions.  Accounting for all 40 of his team's points in a win over the rival Chicago Bears.
Nevers did something equally as impressive in 1926. In 1926, Nevers was and still is the only athlete to play pro baseball, basketball and football in the same year.

Stan Musial
In Stanley Frank Musial's Hall of Fame career he finished with 3,630 base hits.  Exactly 1815 on the road and 1815 at home. Now that, my friends, is Unbreakable.

(thanks to the article by Hallie Grossman of ESPN mag)

Kevin J. Marquez