Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Okay, Ubaldo Jimenez was Good but...

Yes, the Colorado Rockie right-hander was better than the San Francisco Giant two-time Cy Young winner, Tim Lincecum. But did any of you SEE the game?

The Giants hit several smashes that just happened to find leather. All except Pablo Sandoval who finished the game with 3 hits, including a double.

When you have numbers like that of Ubaldo Jimenez, 10-1 won/loss record with an ERA of 0.78 it's due to a lively ball and a fortuitous flight of the pearl if and when it makes contact with the bat.

Perfect games are gems. Heck, there's only been 20 of them in the history of baseball but don't you think a pitcher has to be awfully lucky that all of the balls hit were at one of his fielders? I mean 20 in the history of the game.

And don't give me that residue of hard work baloney, when you think of luck. It's a fact of life, baby, that it's better to be lucky than good. Those who think otherwise probably have a very high opinion of themselves or the player/team in question.

Finally, doesn't it itch in places you can't reach to scratch, when somebody raps a line drive right to someone and then in the next inning some free-swinger hits a swinging bunt and the rally has just begun. Then a bloop and a ball called fair that could have went either way and before you know it all hell breaks loose! Doesn't that stink?

It does to me and that's how I felt about the Giants 4-0 loss to the Rockies on Memorial Day 2010.

Kevin Marquez