Thursday, February 5, 2009

Intro- to Giants Baseball on the Radio- Suggestion

John Fogerty's CD compilation entitled Revival, including the tributary lyrics to Creedence Song, is an excellent album that contains the ideal song to introduce every San Francisco Giants' broadcast for the upcoming 2009 season. The song title is Longshot. Because that's exactly what YOUR San Francisco Giants are, going into the season.

Well I ain't no doctor
and I ain't no nurse
I ain't no lawyer babe
Nothin' could be worse

I Ain't got no 'risticrats
A-hanging in my tree
So tell me little mama
why you messin' with me

Looks like a longshot baby
Lookin' like a longshot baby to me

I Don't walk with the President
I don't mess with the prime
I ain't got no bigshots babe
working for me overtime

I can see you're sophisticated
with your goody-two shoes
so tell me are you slummin' baby
I got nothing to lose

Looks like a longshot baby
Lookin' like a longshot baby to me

Well I ain't no sinner
an' I ain't no saint
I ain't no hypocrite babe
'cept most every day

I ain't got no religion
a-cloudin' up my brain
so tell me little mama
why you jumpin' my claim?

Looks like a LONGSHOT baby
Lookin' like a LONGSHOT BABY, to me.

John Fogerty 2007.
Also on the album is a not so friendly song about George W. Bush. Sample: I bet you never saw the ol' school yard/ I bet you never saw the National Guard/Your Daddy wrote a check and there you are another Fortunate Son.****************** The singer-songwriter never strays too far from his roots.

(thanks to the Creedence Clearwater Revival superstar, whose song, Put Me in Coach, called Centerfield, in the video he was wearing an A's uni-form. My recollection was that Lon Simmons was with Bill King doing the play-by-play. Now he crosses the bay to do a Longshot video, wearing the orange and black, what d'ya say?)

Kevin Marquez