Friday, May 30, 2008

Aaron "Wile E." Rowland

He fouls balls off his feet, gets hit by pitches, crashes into fences on the fly, is in need of x-rays almost on a daily basis and yet he rarely misses his turn at-bat.

He's reminiscent of Wile E. Coyote in the way he's always around destruction. Although Canis latrans, (the animated version) seems to bring most of his undoings on himself by miscalculating the use of ACME products in his futile attempts at catching a roadrunner, I like the way he always shows up in the next sequence with more madness on slate. Rowand, like Wile E., just never goes away. That's where the similarity begins and ends. Wile E. never lets any type of mishap, (say): explosion, destruction or demolition, get in his way.

Nor does our man Aaron. Besides, Wile E. needs some love.

Randy Winn hit a homer as a left-handed and a right-handed batter. That's Eddie Murray, or better yet, Mickey Mantle type stuff. Think about it, all the home runs hit in the steroid-infested major leagues, how many players can say they hit one from both sides of the plate? In the same game?

It may be time to change my attachment to Brian Wilson's name. In his last two save opportunities, in which he GOT the save, he was not Brian "Wouldn't It Be Nice" Wilson but rather, Brian "Don't Worry Baby" Wilson.

This is the level of performance Dave Righetti, Mark Gardner, Bruce Bochy (and every Giant's fan) had always hoped Brian Wilson would attain.

Kevin Marquez