Thursday, March 6, 2008


Well, the crew pulled into Scottsdale this evening and got situated in our new digs, which this season are walking distance from Scottsdale Stadium. Immediately upon arriving we learned that Kevin Fransden has been removed as the Opening Day replacement at shortstop for the rehabbing Omar Vizquel. Seems young Kevin has been having a rougher time than expected making the transition from 2B (three errors so far.) We'll see if Brian Bocock is as good with the glove as reported. Fransden goes back to the competition with Ray Durham at 2nd (and possibly will audition for the 3B job.) Question mark about Bocock right now is his hitting.

Other news: Noah Lowry will have surgery on his left arm. It's expected he'll be sidelined just 2-3 weeks but they won't really know until after the procedure is completed.

Kevin Correia will start for the Giants tomorrow. The news about Lowry means that Correia probably has a rotation slot locked up to start the season.