Saturday, January 26, 2008

2008 in the Valley of the Sun

It's not too far from another trip to Scottsdale, Arizona.

The time in Arizona is relaxing. For some it may be a chance to see who the San Francisco Giants are planning on putting on the field. And although the games in March are meaningless it's also full of hope that this roster of no-names will not be playing meaningless games in July.

The Spring Training schedule appears in last week's Sports Weekly.

Saturday March 1, 2008 has the Oakland A's at Scottsdale to face the San Francisco Giants...starting time is 12:05.

On Sunday, 3/2 the Giants' fans will have to travel to Mesa, AZ to see the Chicago Cubs play the Giants again at 12:05.

Then on Monday, 3/3 the Giants will be back home in Scottsdale, AZ to face the Texas Rangers at 12:05.

Hoping that somehow through the proper execution of small ball (since the roster as of 1/26/08 is sans the long ball, i.e., anyone who has consistently hit home runs...except maybe for Ray Durham and newly signed Aaron Rowland)and solid pitching that Bruce Bochy's boys will flourish the way his San Diego teams have been doing since he laid the groundwork for the division rival San Diego Padres.

Hope does and always will spring eternal during the exhibition months of February and March. As well it should, for what is anyone without hope? Miserable and not worth spending time with, to be sure.

The Giants' organization has done such a wonderful job in Scottsdale, Arizona to invite the fans to see baseball in a beautiful park with it's picturesque surroundings it is most definitely something all baseball fans should consider seeing. (Especially those who root for the San Francisco Giants.)

Kevin Marquez