Thursday, November 8, 2007

Welcome Carney Lansford

The orange and black have brought in Carney Lansford to be their batting coach.
In 1981, with the Boston Red Sox, he led the American League in batting with a .336 average.
In 1989, he was second in the battle for batting leader, while posting the same .336 average. He did lead the league with fewest strikeouts per at-bat that season, while donning the green and gold of Oakland's Athletics.

In Lansford, born in San Jose, CA, the Giants have a former player who has tasted the fruits of victory and been successful as a hitter. A contact hitter who had the ability to move runners along and not be undisciplined in his approach as he rarely, if ever, hit the pitcher's pitch, which usually results in an inning double-play. And as a Giant's fan, I think I speak for everyone when I say, I think we're a little tired of inning-ending double-plays when our guys are at-bat. It's okay when we're on defense, but enough is enough when it's the Giants who are hitting.

With the Giants having a long ways to go, its good to see they are introducing quality baseball men into the fold. What better than to have someone (who made a name for himself while playing) now on-board to impart some wisdom onto our 2008 and future San Francisco Giants?

(Note: This could be just what the doctor ordered for someone like Ray Durham. Now, wouldn't that be nice?)

Kevin Marquez